Seng-Digital Ltd.
Seng-Digital Adopts GCC Print & Cut Solution for Efficient Production

Company Name: Seng-Digital Ltd.

Major Business Items: Digital printing, UV printing, laser engraving, acrylic products, digital photography and advertising design.


GCC Products: GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS / JF-240UV

Self-established workshop and local production

Established in 1987, Seng-Digital Ltd. (Digital Hang Seng) provided one-hour photography developing services in early days. As Macau has a small population and market, local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) must progress with time and continuously enhance their competitiveness and service level in order to expand the space for living and development. Following the rise of digital technology 10 years ago, the person in charge of Digital Hang Seng, Mr. Yao Wing-Lei (Chiu Jung-Li) started to invest heavily in large UV inkjet printers and digital printing systems to enter the digitalization race.

At the time, not only were there few digital printing companies in Macau, but also traditional printing houses also moved to mainland China. The Company was one of the few SMEs that was willing to invest in digital printing equipment and insisted on local production. The slogan “self-established workshop and local production” was therefore created. Apart from it, the Company also frequently visited overseas printing exhibitions and printing houses to keep abreast of market trends. Following the development of large themed exhibitions in recent years, the Company even undertakes on-site photography services. Including the head office workshop in Areia Preta (Haak Sa Waan), the Company has five stores and over 20 employees. Our customer base consists of citizens, companies, associations and so on.

“It still depends on customers’ needs,” said Yao “Digital Hang Seng has run business in Macao for many years. As our stores are located in residential areas, we have cumulatively built a rich network of customers. As many of our neighbors are our customers, we can flexibly handle their requests by customizing our services. It is especially so for students of design departments, where we can provide them with a one-stop service. Apart from highlighting ‘at least one copy’ and ‘fast delivery’ for our printing service, we also offer design supporting services.”

Adopt advanced equipment and received recognitions from enterprises

During our business expansion period, Digital Hang Seng purchased our first GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS for acrylic engraving services through the recommendation of Apis Technology Limited. “Zhuhai is located right next to Macao. If we fail to meet customers’ small or short-term demands, they will find another shop in Zhuhai” said Yao. Therefore, shortly after, Digital Hang Seng purchased the second Spirit GLS and these two laser engraving machines truly facilitated Digital Hang Seng’s processing .

Although Digital Hang Seng already had large UV inkjet printers at the time, some customers started to ask for high-precision printing effect. Also, with their trust to GCC products, the Company decided to purchase JF-240UV to meet customers’ requirements. Similarly, due to the need for business development, the Company then purchased the second JF-240UV for production. These two Spirit GLS and two JF-240UV machines then pushed his business to the direction of innovation.

In 2015, Digital Hang Seng participated in local cooperative procurement plan of Sands China Ltd (SCL). Since then, it has been cooperating with SCL to provide customized acrylic accessories (ex. chip cover, chip rack, chip box and display board) to its casino related departments. All of these acrylic accessories are engraved and/or cut by GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS; and some of them are even produced with JF-240UV for printing effects.

“As all customized objects have different sizes, we need to go to Casino to measure their sizes. Sometimes, we also need to exchange ideas with the customer in terms of the draft of design and pattern making in order to make changes accordingly.” Yao also points out that SMEs must be patient when working with gaming enterprises; and, in case of finding any problem, proactively communicate therewith. Up to now, SCL’s procurement amount to Digital Hang Seng already exceeds a million, counting 5% to 10% of Digital Hang Seng’s total revenue.

Continue to introduce up-to-date technology to meet market demand

Today, Digital Hang Seng’s stores are all over Macao and Taipa. With our advanced digital processing equipment, we have been highly recognized by our customers for our high-quality printing, engraving and customization services. Also, thanks to the high quality and practicality of GCC products, Digital Hang Seng succeeded in increasing our operating profit by 30% with the use of GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS and JF-240UV. “Customers always expect to quickly receive high quality products,” said Yao. As digital technology changes rapidly, Digital Hang Seng will, in response to market changes and trends, continuously introduce up-to-date technology to meet market demand.


The combination of Spirit GLS and rotating axle offers the possibility of customizing our services by engraving exquisite and artistic patterns on wine bottles.

JF-240UV can apply inkjet printing directly on all types of materials. The specially designed SmartMESH™ function not only offers full color saturation, but also makes customers greatly satisfied with the anti-water and sun-proof effect of UV ink on billboard and cultural creative products.

These customized souvenirs are firstly cut by Spirit GLS and then printed with JF-240UV. Not only are customers’ needs satisfied, but also more applications of these machines have been created.

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