The Best Helper for Car PPF & Window Tinting Application

Paint protection film (PPF) is predominantly employed in high-end European cars. Given that such luxury vehicles can cost up to 2 million dollars or even more, owners are often willing to invest extra in PPF to safeguard their car's paint.

Model: GCC RXII-183vinyl cutter

Company: RENHUA

Country: Taiwan

RENHUA is a supplier of PPF and window tint film materials and has many years of experience in the automotive industry and the PPF includes 3M, SUNTECH, TOPPF, and other well-known brands. With the current PPF application, the general car film cutting software supports only up to 153 cm (5 ft). Our Taiwan partner GIANT TECHNOLOGIES recommended RENHUA GCC RX II for the PPF cutting process. The owner, Gary Huang, believed there would be a need to cut 6 ft in the future, so he bought the RXII-183 for PPF cutting. The RXII is not only capable of cutting resilient PPF but also delicate window tint films. Based on his experience, window tinting is not easy to process, yet the precision cutting capability of the RXII can prevent material loss and waste.

DC servo motor and 600 g cutting force

The thickness of PPF is nearly 0.3 mm(0.01"), which cannot be cut by normal cutting machine, so a powerful downforce pressure vinyl cutter with DC servo motor is required to do it. Equipped with a DC servo motor, GCC RX II is not only fast, but also has a cutting force of 600 g which can work with up to 0.8 mm (0.03") thick material. It is the best model for cutting PPF.

To facilitate efficient work flow of car wrapping and window tinting

In the past, this kind of work was done by hand. When it came to car edge chamfers or corners, it was necessary to remove some parts of the car. Now, with the support of software containing various car models, RX II can directly and accurately cut the corresponding PPF size, as well as the screw holes and cavities. RX II helps the process of wrapping faster and easier.

Gary says the RX II is easy to operate, cuts the PPF and window tint film precisely, and has good stability. In addition, he mentions that the sound of operation is not as loud as other brands, which makes him very satisfied with the performance of the RX II.


This March, we saw 7 top brand PPF and window tinting material suppliers in Beijing, China who displayed the Jaguar Valong with their PPF window tinting materials during the 2021 CIAA automobile exhibition, which proves that GCC's supreme vinyl cutters are popular for material suppliers.

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