Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd.
SAG Adopts GCC Print Solution for Efficient Production

Company Name: Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd.
Major Business Items: Digital printing, UV printing, NFC、RFID Application
GCC Products: JF-240UV

As 5G is commercialized around the world, it becomes a driving force that accelerates the booming RFID. Sensors are an indispensable source for data collection at the front end and give all kinds of devices the sensing ability to push human kind into the era of smart life. With 5G that features high speed and low delay, the booming of sensor applications is expected. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) as a sensing technology, SAG adopts high-performance intelligent manufacturing process and insists in environmental protection, hoping for the Internet of Things (IoT) development and application. In response to market changes and trends, SAG keeps launching new technology to satisfy market demands while bringing better and more diverse solutions.

As a top RFID solution provider, SAG builds its own high-quality RFIDs ranging from Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) to Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) and the product range covers abundant applications from cards, key chains, labels to Near Field Communication (NFC). The introduction of products makes life, work and recreation much easier. The product categories include information control, health and medical care, automation, logistics, industry, recreation, NFC and global customers. Thanks to the GCC JF-24OUV printing technique, the products uses the state of the art digital printing technology to create greater added value of products and meet the market demands for small-volume and large-variety production.

SAG selects the GCC JF-240UV due to the high efficiency and high performance. The JF-240UV provides the ability to produce color-white printing, textured printing and spot varnishing that allow SAG to create different designs, such as numbers, letters, symbols, graphics and faux-leather pattern, on SAG’s products. Thanks to its high production and quality, JF-240UV creates virtual 3D touch, an embossed effects up to 0.8mm height in one printing procedure(*), on whatever material that customer wants. In High Density printing mode, the contour and lines are still clear even for fonts as small as 2pt, which gives customers exquisite products and applications that offer high added value.

(*) JF-240UV can achieve 0.8 mm in one printing procedure and repeat the same print job to accumulate higher level.


On the left is the ID card printed with spot varnish and 2pt letters, and on the right is the RFID with 3D texture effect.

JF-240UV can print directly on all types of materials. The specially designed SmartMESH™ function offers full color saturation as well as makes customers greatly satisfied with the anti-water and sun-proof effect of UV ink on creative products.

This JF-240UV processing meets customer needs and enhances opportunities for more applications.

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