Puzzles Love Workshop
Puzzles Love Elevates Wood Engraving Productivity with GCC LaserPro

We are delighted to have interviewed Puzzles Love Workshop, which uses GCC LaserPro laser engraving and cutting machines to create a wide range of captivating wooden products in stationery, decorations, and lifestyle products. Their exquisite wood engraving products have earned them praise from satisfied customers.

Company Name: Puzzles Love Workshop

Location: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Major Business Items: Custom-made wooden items, laser engraving, marking, and UV printing.


GCC Products: Spirt GE, Spirit LS, S400 laser engravers, and X500III laser cutter, and JF-240 UV printer.

Upgrading to high-quality laser engravers for productivity

Puzzles Love has been using a low-grade laser engraver for about a year. This resulted in low productivity, frequent breakdowns, and poor engraving quality. In order to compensate for these shortcomings, they checked several high-end brand distributors in Korea such as Trotec Laser, Universal Laser, Epilogue Laser, GCC LaserPro, etc., and personally tested them.

After testing, the company decided to go with GCC LaserPro and purchased GCC LaserPro Spirt GE, Spirit LS, S400, and X500III products. After seeing the quality of GCC's lasers they decided to also add a GCC JF-240 UV printer in their workflow.

Puzzles Love primarily utilizes these machines for thin wood cutting and engraving, and engages in in-house product manufacturing, sample making, and outsourced laser processing projects. Design work is mainly carried out using Adobe Illustrator software.

Boost volume and quality with GCC lasers

Puzzles Love has found that the efficiency and quality of its products have been greatly improved by using GCC lasers. Especially in this digital age, photos of their products have attracted a lot of attention on social media platforms.

Furthermore, due to the positive outcomes of laser engraving on wood, all clients who worked on samples expressed satisfaction. Consequently, this has provided Puzzles Love with an advantage in attracting more clients. Laser-related activities constitute the company’s core business, contributing to around 80% of our total revenue.

Puzzles Love longed for a reliable machine that would always produce the same results, and this was a very important issue. GCC's laser machines seem to fit that.

Innovating is motivation

Puzzles Love believes that in the future, many places will utilize digital equipment to manufacture products. They will continue to work on sample making and product development, utilize GCC equipment to create items that will be used in everyday life, and design and develop a series of products.

Currently, the company is exclusively working with wood materials, but they anticipate expanding to diverse materials and producing a wider range of high-quality products.

Introduced laser engraving and cutting machine:

S400 Dual Laser System Laser Engraver

Unlimited laser engraver and engraving machine, the best ever, beyond expectation product


Working Area

1016 x 610 mm (40 x 24 in.)


280 mm (11 in.)


CO2 Laser 40W~120W | Fiber Laser 20W~60W

Max. Working Speed

140 IPS

Spirit LS 12-100W CO2 Laser Engraver

Humanized design and high-precision DC motor, its laser engraving qualities are beyond limitations.


Working Area

740 x 460 mm (29 x 18 in.)


165 mm (6.5 in.)



Max. Working Speed

80 IPS

X500III Pro 100-150W CO2 Laser Cutter

Add one 1.6X beam expander which improves the uniformity of line widths on X500III Pro CO2 Laser Cutter


Working Area

1300 x 916 mm (51.1 x 36.1 in.)


48.26 mm (1.9 in.)



Max. Working Speed

40 IPS

We are happy to answer your questions about any laser products and processing. If you want to learn and do more with GCC LaserPro lasers, we invite you to see our laser engraving and cutting applications videos where you will find out how they physically work and are done.

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