Ruby Rapscallion
South Africa
Laser Cutting & Engraving Showcases a Variety of Aspects

The first time we noticed Ruby Rapscallion was when we saw their beautiful cake toppers in their social network photos; the exquisite and delicate textures were very appealing. We are delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about Ruby Rapscallion's motivation for introducing the GCC X252 laser cutting machine and the benefits they have experienced in their applications through this interview.

Company Name: Ruby Rapscallion

Major Business Items: Creative design solutions, signage, laser cutting and engraving service on wood, cardboard and perspex.

Location: Hartbeespoort, South Africa


GCC Products: X252 80W laser cutter and Expert 24LX vinyl cutter

A happy accident with GCC LaserPro laser cutting machine

Ruby Rapscallion started a laser cutting service in July 2016. Each year the company has experienced consistent growth in both its staff and turnover. Their core specialization lies in crafting custom-made products tailored to meet individual customer requirements. They actively collaborate with customers across various media to achieve the desired results.

“I had not done any research when I bought the used X252 laser cutter at a fairly good price." said Beverley Snow, the business owner of Ruby Rapscallion, “After using it for a year and seeing other companies and laser products, I was astounded at how reliable, efficient and easy to use the GCC laser machine is. It was a happy accident.”. Beverley adjusted usage patterns based on customer demand and added more machines to the line, such as a GCC Expert 24 LX vinyl cutter and other brands of small craft machines.

Customized laser cutting designs for cake toppers


What results follow laser cutting machine installation?

"I would not have been able to explore, research, and develop more products if it were not for the versatility of the GCC LaserPro X252 laser cutter," Beverley mentioned that the Pass-Through Doors and the Rotary Attachment System have greatly contributed to expanding the company's product offerings. Pass-Through Door allows laser processing while the front door is open, offering significant cost savings on materials. By eliminating the need to cut up the materials to fit the bed size, they can process larger pieces at a reduced cost. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to overall financial savings.

Moreover, one of the most valuable aspects of the X252 laser-cutting machine is its Built-In Timer Functionality. This feature has significantly aided them in determining accurate pricing for the products. Their prices are compiled by using the material prices plus the time taken on the machine (timer). This allows for competitive but accurate pricing.

Customized laser cutting design of wood and acrylic


Laser cutting and engraving products produced by Ruby Rapscallion

With the X252 laser cutter, Ruby Rapscallions is dedicated to providing its customers with a wide range of beautiful items for special events, such as elaborate trophy designs, elegant displays, wedding accessories, keychains and tags, corporate gifts, logos and stencils, and delightful cake decorations.

Elegantly laser-cut table setting for weddings and party

Creative laser-cut trophy and signage

Detailed laser cut accessories

Laser cutting for tea bag design


What are your future prospects for the laser business?

"I'm eyeing some new directions to provide our customers with a comprehensive one-stop facility that caters to their diverse interests and needs," Beverley says with confidence.

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Introduced laser cutter and vinyl cutter:

X252 CO2 Laser Cutter

Equipped reliable DC CO2 glass laser tube makes it an economical choice.


Working Area

635 x 458 mm (25 x 18 in.)


165 mm (6.5 in.)



Max. Working Speed

40 IPS

Expert II Vinyl Cutter

Economical cutting plotter to meet the demands of the sign market.



Yes (LX)

Max. Cutting Width

600 mm (23.6 in.) / 1320 mm (52 in.)

Max. Cutting Force

350 g

We are happy to answer your questions about any laser products and processing. If you want to learn and do more with GCC LaserPro lasers, we invite you to see our laser engraving and cutting applications videos where you will find out how they physically work and are done.

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