Bedex Media
Starting Laser Engraver Business from Scratch with GCC

Bedex Media is a small business housed in a 12 square meter workshop. Despite its small size, it is brimming with enthusiasm and energy to create a diverse range of products for their valued customers. Their primary focus lies in laser cutting and engraving, which forms the core of their operations.

Company Name: Bedex Media

Major Business Items: Laser engraving and cutting by CO2 laser engraver to produce advertising and decorative products.

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia


GCC Products: GCC LaserPro Mercury III 30W CO2 laser engraver

GCC Products: GCC LaserPro Mercury III 30W CO2 laser engraver

Workshop equipped with a GCC laser engraver machine and stocked with materials.


From passion to precision with laser engraver technology

Approximately five years ago, Bedex Media got really interested in the industry, but back then, they couldn't move forward with their plans. The company had a strong passion for making unique and personalized items, and they had so many ideas they wanted to bring to life. But it wasn't until they discovered laser technology that everything fell into place.

Once Bedex Media had the right conditions to set up a workshop and start being creative, they wasted no time in putting their business plan into action.

They found out about GCC through a supplier who sold them the laser engraver which was available for sale after being overhauled, and the supplier gave them a great overview of its features and capabilities. This information is very attractive to Bedex Media who want to start a business because they want to produce a variety of different products.

Laser engraving and cutting of customized birthday box.

Laser engraving and cutting of customized birthday box.


Choosing perfect performance with GCC LaserPro Mercury III Laser Engraver

When Bedex Media was looking for a laser engraver machine, they came across different brands of laser manufacturers.

At first, they considered another brand that fit their budget but had a small working area of about 400x300 mm. They wanted a bigger working area in case they had more opportunities in the future. However, they hesitated because the competitor's machine with a larger working area was beyond their financial limit.

Then, the salesperson introduced them to the GCC LaserPro Mercury III laser engraver. This machine had the perfect table size and a 30W metal laser tube. It was refurbished, but its working area of 635 x 458 mm really caught their attention. They decided to test it out and were amazed by the impeccable quality of its output. Another great thing about the GCC LaserPro was that it could exchange thick and thin nozzles. When properly adjusted, the thin nozzle could cut clearly.

Bedex Media was thrilled with their decision to go with the Mercury III laser engraver. The spacious work table proved to be extremely useful on multiple occasions. They loved that they could put the purchased materials directly into the laser engraver machine without extra effort to resize them. It was a huge advantage and made their work much more convenient.

An acrylic design, cut and engraved by a GCC laser engraver, inspired by the look of a vinyl LP record.

An acrylic design, cut and engraved, inspired by the look of a vinyl LP record.

Montessori child wood game by a GCC Laser Engraver

Montessori child wood game

Laser engraving products produced by Bedex Media

Bedex Media doesn't focus solely on one product; they are currently engaged in creating decorative and advertising items. Decorative items are crafted from various materials, including wood, acrylic, paper, and aluminum. Advertising items, such as pens, pendants, and magnets, are particularly popular and in high demand among businesses. Company stamps are placed in a separate category.

Among the popular products are photo engravings on aluminum, where the outcome is noted for its incredibly beautiful appearance on sheet metal. Additionally, custom-made gift items are a specialty, allowing for the inclusion of a text of the customer's choice or an important date.

Every product manufactured using GCC laser engravers boasts a beautiful and flawless design. Therefore, the company can confidently rely on its machine for any project, ensuring a high-quality outcome.

Corporate gifts and veterans medals by a GCC laser engraver

Corporate gifts and veterans medals by a GCC laser engraver

Corporate gifts and veterans medals by a GCC laser engraver

Corporate gifts and veterans medals

Bedex Media’s expectations and plans are ambitious :)

This small business is currently focused on increasing its visibility in the market, aiming to retain regular clients and raise awareness. They consistently work on expanding their product portfolio, as showcased on the company's Instagram. They welcome new challenges with enthusiasm.

Regarding machinery, there is consideration about upgrading to a higher-performing machine, potentially with a larger work table. There's also an interest in textile and paper printing. They are awaiting the conclusion of 2023 and decisions about priorities will be based on the results.

"In any case," Bedex Media said, "the business is exciting and fulfilling when you can create tailor-made products and transform your ideas into reality."

Laser Engraving Wedding Items by a GCC laser engraver

Laser Engraving Wedding Items by a GCC laser engraver

Laser Engraving Wedding Items

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Introduced laser engraver:

Mercury III 12-60W CO2 Laser Engraver

The economical workhorse model for CO2 laser engraving allows user to fulfill all kinds of applications.


Working Area

635 x 458 mm (25 x 18 in.)


165 mm (6.5 in.)



Max. Working Speed

42 IPS

We are happy to answer your questions about any laser products and processing. If you want to learn and do more with GCC LaserPro laser engravers, we invite you to see our laser engraving and cutting applications videos where you will find out how they physically work and are done.

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