Ruei Shiang
Passing Down Artisan Craftsmanship Through Laser Engraving

We are delighted to have interviewed Ruei Shiang Cultural & Creative Laser Technology, where Mr. Wang, the president, is also a board member of the Taiwan Laser Technology Application Association. He shared with us his successful journey of transitioning from traditional woodworking to the cultural and creative industry through the use of laser engraving machines.

Company Name: Ruei Shiang Cultural & Creative Laser Technology
Major Business Items: Ancestral tablet laser engraving and marking, wooden gift items, custom product design.
Location: Taichung, Taiwan

GCC Products: GCC LaserPro Mercury III laser engraver

Injecting New Life with the Introduction of GCC LaserPro

The Wang family is a local squire in Taichung, Taiwan. After apprenticing and successfully mastering the art of wood carving, they established a factory and laid a solid foundation for their business.

Mr. Wang, the third generation of Ruei Shiang, stated, "In the early years, we produced various everyday crafts such as turtle-shaped seals, peach pattern seals, and wedding cake molds. However, with the changing times, we shifted our focus to the carving of Buddhist items, deity worship supplies, and ancestral shrine artifacts. These have become our primary areas of research, production, and sales, and it has been over 60 years now."

Mr. Wang inherited his woodworking skills from his father since childhood. In recent years, as traditional industries have gradually declined, he decided to breathe new life and ideas into the business by introducing GCC LaserPro laser engraving technology.

Mercury III's engraved image products have received great reviews.

Transforming technology into art with laser engraving

"Though machines from China are inexpensive, GCC laser machine and software is truly convenient," said Mr. Wang, who had no computer experience. Through trial and error and self-learning, he, with the help of GCC's user-friendly interface, quickly achieved the engraving effects he desired. In 2016, the company earned second place in the Taiwan International Laser Exhibition Craft Competition with their work titled "Illuminating Taiwan." He combined technology with art in new creative ways, including developing and designing cultural & creative products and laser engraving on wood and lacquer art.

Mr. Wang believes that GCC's image processing is exceptionally exquisite, allowing him to create more delicate 3D and image engravings than other laser machine brands. Combined with his creative designs, customers always come to him to place orders after seeing Ruei Shiang's products somewhere.

He also mentioned that GCC's laser machine is stable and durable, capable of continuous operation from morning to night, ensuring consistent product output and quality. As a result, when the company needed to renew the laser engraving machine, they still chose Mercury for production. The advantage of the laser engraving machine is that it doesn't require any templates, enabling small quantities, customization, and shorter delivery times.


Mercury III's engraved image products have received great reviews.

Laser engraving products produced by Ruei Shiang

Ruei Shiang Cultural & Creative specializes in customized Buddhist ritual gift design and laser engraving on various materials. In addition to acrylic gifts, they also offer image engraving services and manufacture a wide range of products, including Buddhist paraphernalia, ancestral altars, and diverse wooden items.

Utilizing laser engraving combined with Taiwan's religious culture.

Laser-engraved artwork at 1:1 scale

Future motivation

Mr. Wang mentioned that when he initially joined the Taiwan Laser Technology Association, he gained access to a wealth of laser-related information. He aspires to continue researching and developing more innovative cultural and creative products in the future, with a focus on producing exquisite customized items, with the ultimate goal of going global.

Mr. and Mrs. Wang
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Mercury III 12-60W CO2 Laser Engraver

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Working Area

635 x 458 mm (25 x 18 in.)


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Max. Working Speed

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