C180II and Exceptional Tech Service Boost Production Efficiency

Our partner, COMNET, recently interviewed Ms. Wilke Kawasaki, who has introduced the GCC LaserPro C180II (12W) laser engraver for SUNA ASOBI (meaning Sand Play). She shared insights about the reasons behind adopting our laser engraving machine, its applications, and the positive aspects of its implementation.

Company Name: SUNA ASOBI Co., Ltd
Major Business Items: Production and sales of acrylic stamps and miscellaneous goods.
Location: Okinawa, Japan

GCC Products: GCC LaserPro C180 II 12W CO2 Laser Engraver

What issues did you have before introducing the laser machine?

We were using laser engraving machines from another company, but when they malfunctioned, it took both time and money to address the issue.

In the event of machine trouble, there was no phone support available; we could only communicate online. Despite wanting to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, waiting for answers online was frustrating.

Additionally, being in Okinawa Prefecture meant unexpected repair costs, including transportation and technical fees. When the time comes for replacement, we are considering introducing a laser engraving machine from a more supportive source.

Introduced model: Tabletop laser cutter GCC series C180II

Acrylic parts

Why introduce the GCC LaserPro laser machine?

I learned about COMNET’s laser engraving machine through an acquaintance’s recommendation. The responsiveness during malfunctions and the quality of the products were better than the laser engraving machine I had been using. As a result, I decided to switch.

Given the limited space in my home workshop, I opted for the compact desktop laser cutter, the GCC Series C180II.

Leather keychain
Laser engraving is used for both external shape cutting and design engraving.

Engraved wooden craft

What results follow laser machine installation?

When faced with equipment malfunctions or uncertainty about operations, the time taken to resolve issues has significantly reduced.

Having a phone support hotline allows us to easily convey our situation and promptly receive solutions and advice. Even if phone-based resolution is challenging, the availability of remote support is incredibly reassuring.

We can also get in touch with sales representatives. Despite geographical distances causing concerns, knowing we have reliable support during challenging times provides a great sense of security.

Acrylic keychain
Laser engraving is used for both external shape cutting and design engraving.

Maternity mark key chain

What are your prospects for the laser business?

We create all designs in-house, and there are still many more to come, so we want to expand our lineup of miscellaneous goods and merchandise while utilizing them. Especially being in Okinawa Prefecture, a tourist destination, we are considering merchandise that reflects the unique characteristics of Okinawa.

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Introduced laser engraving machine:

C180II 12-40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver

Compact desktop laser engraver with smart vacuum adjustment is suitable for limited space.

Working Area

458 x 305 mm (18 x 12 in.)


152.4 mm (6 in.)



Max. Working Speed

40 IPS

We are happy to answer your questions about any laser products and processing. If you want to learn and do more with GCC LaserPro lasers, we invite you to see our laser engraving and cutting applications videos where you will find out how they physically work and are done.

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