GCC products can be used for a wide range of applications. Combine your unlimited creativity & imagination with our products and make them real. Please select your interested applicable industry and product line and click on the search to find the range.
Creating Personalized Pet Houses for Your Furry Friends
With the GCC S400 laser engraving machine, we can create one-of-a-kind pet houses, incorporating your ingenuity and creativity into personalized items, allowing for small-scale, diversified production with high-value-added products.
Add Unique Christmas Magic with Laser Engraving and Cutting
Celebrate Christmas creatively with GCC LaserPro! Customize holiday decorations using the advanced S400 laser engraving machine for unique, festive designs.
GCC LaserPro E200 Desktop Laser Engraver Application
E200 desktop laser engraver is GCC LaserPro professional-grade desktop laser engraving machine, containing advanced functions with user-friendly design and excellent artwork presented.
Guitar Fretboard Laser Engraving
Laser is one of the technologies often used by manufacturers to engrave all kinds of graphics and words onto guitars making them more adorable and personalized for each guitar owner.
Inlay Necklace
By using the accurate energy control to cut two different kinds of materials, our laser engraver creating inlay effect combines two materials into one to add a name necklace extra personal touch.
Wood Engraving with SmartCENTER Function
Just press the positioning bottom, then the SmartCenter will automatically find the center of the object just in a blink, and start the engraving right away.
Wood Inlay
Wood is widely applied in industries like decoration, furniture and giftware; it can also be found very frequently in laser-processing applications, whether laser engraving or cutting, presenting excellent results.
Easter Gifts Made From MDF and Acrylic.
GCC LaserPro Application Lab has crafted Easter bunny gifts, allowing you to join in the excitement of this Easter trend.
Laser-Cut Wooden Miniatures
Cutting MDF panels generates smooth uniform cut edges due to the material’s structure.
Multi-layer Printing Application
The conventional way of producing replica paintings is a tedious process through the hand of a highly skillful artist to ensure the value of the work.