GCC products can be used for a wide range of applications. Combine your unlimited creativity & imagination with our products and make them real. Please select your interested applicable industry and product line and click on the search to find the range.
Laser Metal Cutting Effective Accessories Application
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab presents you fine quality earrings created with GCC LaserPro FMC 280 through the assistance of the Thin Metal Film Clamping Device.
Nonwoven fabric photo frame by laser engraving and cutting
Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.
i-Craft™ works seamlessly with cardstock
Involving heavy cardstock cutting, layering, folding and assembling techniques, this application processes flat paper materials and transforms them into 3D products.
GCC LaserPro-Double Color Sticker Application
Engraving is the most common technique of laser processing. To ensure high engraving quality, a remarkable color contrast must be presented after the material is engraved.
Tailor Made Hand Fans
Custom hand fans are popular items for social movements, product launch ceremonies, education recruitment fairs, concerts and other events or simply as giveaways.
Delicate Gift Boxs
Homemade gift box application: Through i-Craft™, you can move your idea forward. Creative custom gift boxes for sweets, biscuits and desserts can be made appealing and easy on the eyes with i-Craft™.
Guitar Fretboard Laser Engraving
Laser is one of the technologies often used by manufacturers to engrave all kinds of graphics and words onto guitars making them more adorable and personalized for each guitar owner.
Customized Tambourine Engraving
GCC LaserPro Application lab will introduce leather tambourine engraving through GCC LaserPro stable laser output. GCC LaserPro machine is capable of engraving a variety of patterns and characters on 0.3 mm thickness leather ......
Men's Accessories
Many luxury brands choose metal as one of the key elements for men’s accessories to bring out the masculinity. Some of them offer customized service to add personal touch and individuality by adding your desired words or patterns......
Christmas Decoration
You can spray more colorful and vibrant patterns on the window by using these spraying plates. Let's follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to decorate your window!
Inlay Necklace
By using the accurate energy control to cut two different kinds of materials, our laser engraver creating inlay effect combines two materials into one to add a name necklace extra personal touch.
Notebook Engraving
With our advanced laser engraving techniques on its leather cover, your notebook adds a personal touch with special engraved patterns.
iPhone Case Engraving
GCC Application Lab is showing you iPhone case engraving. Engraved beautiful patterns by our laser engraver, your iPhone adds a personal touch and style.
Door Handle Engraving
How to use our laser engraver to engrave special patterns on a commonly seen door handle and how it works to turn an ordinary handle into a personalized decoration.
Easter Holiday Gift
First, spray-paint over the eggshell, then use the GCC LaserPro laser engraver coupled with the rotary attachment to engrave an exquisite pattern onto the eggshell, making it the most special souvenir item in the store.
Festive Christmas Themed Application for Holiday Décor
GCC Application Lab has used inexpensive nonwoven fabric for the top of the coaster and boosted the cutting effect by using its specially developed air nozzles for cutting the fabric.
Bedazzle Your Trophy
LaserPro Application Lab recently introduced a laser application for cutting out customized rhinestone stencils on cardboard paper. This method can be used to easily align rhinestones on designer pants for various fashionable textures and effects.
Ring Engraving Using Rotary Attachment
Equipped with YVO4 and Fiber laser, the GCC LaserPro S290 10W and 20W present remarkable output performance on plastic or metallic materials.
Carousel Model Application
Using laser to make models is quite a general application. Simply laser-cut pieces of thin materials and then assemble them as a 3D model which is good to be either a demo sample or a gift.
Mark Your Logo on Tennis
We have prepared one tennis ball for demonstration. Thanks to Laser's high precision in controlling ability and the rotary attachment device, we can have the tennis ball engraved with delicate characters and logo for a unique image.
Michael Jackson Commemorative Merchandise
Now, if you have a laser engraving machine, you can also create the best Michael commemorative items using laser engraving. Used high-quality marble and combined it with GCC LaserPro's precise engraving effect to create exclusive memorabilia.
Photo Album Engrave
GCC LaserPro Application Lab has brought in blank photo albums and used a laser engraver to engrave exclusive images on the covers of these blank leather materials.
Mother’s Day Gift
With the help of laser engraving, you can make this Mother's Day truly special!
3D Engraving on Marble
It utilizes different grayscale layers to generate varying laser energy, creating fascinating depth and shading effects. Anyone who has seen a 3D sample would undoubtedly be impressed by its stunning results.
GCC JF-2418UV Application Lab Introduces You to the Ceramic Plate Printing
Inkjet printers require a certain distance between the inkjet print head and the substrate to create desired print quality.
GCC --- JF 2418UV UV DTF Printing Application
UV DTF printing by JF-2418UV allows you to directly transfer the printed image to substrates without the limitation of the thickness and uneven surface.
GCC JF-2418UV - DTF on Mug, Tumbler and Metal Box
GCC JF-2418UV application laboratory particularly introduced the DTF application with GCC specially-developed embossed printing process on mug, tumbler and metal box to you.
DTF Transfer to Glass and Ceramic Creamer Pot Applications
This month, the GCC JF-2418UV application laboratory specially introduces the technical application of DTF (Direct-to-Film) on glass and ceramic creamer pot.
Multi-layer Printing Application
The conventional way of producing replica paintings is a tedious process through the hand of a highly skillful artist to ensure the value of the work.
EZRotary - Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle
The EZRotary attachment has the ability to handle 360 degrees printing on curved surfaces of vacuum insulated bottles, mugs, conical containers and many more.
Replica Painting Application
On top of supreme efficiency, one will also be offered a piece that presents the surface gloss and overall impression he or she expects as graphic design software programs are perfect at simulating the brush strokes and effects of the original work.
PVC Card Applications
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month is glad to introduce to you the application of PVC cards.
GCC - Varnish Mode Application (Watermark)
Dozens of GCC Varnish types (watermarks) are on hand for you to choose from. You can also save images of your own creation to the folder to capture attention and attack counterfeits by producing vibrant printed displays and images.