GCC products can be used for a wide range of applications. Combine your unlimited creativity & imagination with our products and make them real. Please select your interested applicable industry and product line and click on the search to find the range.
AFR-24S Back Creasing Showcase
In addition, AFR-24S series combines driver of various color setting parameter that allows user to set multiple parameters with different color lines to provide maximized convenience for operation parameter setting.
Creasing and Cutting for Package Application
GCC RX II-CR is equipped with a tool holder loading the creasing tools and blades. For the applications, the cards and showcases can be simultaneously creased and cut in one time.
Desktop Roll Media Support System Installation
With the brilliant innovation of the Desktop Roll Media Support System, i-Craft is now able to work on roll media.
Eiffel Tower by GCC Portable Cutting Plotter
Eiffel Tower using kraft paper. The amazing repetitive cutting performance i-Craft™ delivers is fully exhibited in this application. Simply assemble the cut thick kraft paper pieces into the Eiffel Tower and you......
Super Mario Paper Figures
This straightforward solution is perfect for you to cut geometric shapes, texts, images, numbers and other items, making it the best partner for handcrafters, creative arts club users and designers.
DIY Decorative Lights by GCC i-Craft™
Through forming the inner layers of the cut paper material into geometric shapes and assembling the shapes into a ball, you can create an edgy and elegant lighting product.
i-Craft™ works seamlessly with cardstock
Involving heavy cardstock cutting, layering, folding and assembling techniques, this application processes flat paper materials and transforms them into 3D products.
3D paper flower pots
3D paper flower pots creation involves DIY creative concepts, and heavy cardstock cutting, layering, folding and assembling processes. As supreme items for art galleries, DIY workshops and as decorations, these hand-made craft products add fun.
Use Smartphone to Copy Images on i-Craft™
i-Craft™ Application Lab will demonstrate how to use smart phone to copy images on i-Craft™
Save Image for "SVG" File
Images created or edited in Illustrator or CorelDraw before saved as SVG files can also be used in Sure Cuts A lot.
Insert an SD Card and Cut a Creation Out
With the amazing i-Craft™ and a SD card, you can cut around and create personalized samples without your heavy laptop!
Paper Pinwheels
i-Craft works on PP Synthetic Paper and Art Paper like a charm! Making your own paper pinwheels is lots of fun.
Exclusive Hang Tags
Hang tags/book marks: with designs of your own, you can demonstrate your personality and tell your story through works of all types.
Delicate Gift Boxs
Homemade gift box application: Through i-Craft™, you can move your idea forward. Creative custom gift boxes for sweets, biscuits and desserts can be made appealing and easy on the eyes with i-Craft™.
Custom Card Creation
With GCC i-Craft™’s powerful Sure Cuts A Lot software, users can edit event &holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards through Trace Image, Shapes Library and Rhinestone…etc.
Pop-Up Restaurant Menu
The GCC Application Lab of the month presents you the pop-up restaurant menu. With brilliant designs and the help of GCC Cutting Plotter, you can bring great ideas to life!
Book Cover
Making a paper book cover with its define GCC LaserPro engraving technique. Let's follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to make your own book cover!
Tailored Christmas Decorations
GCC Cutting Plotters are the best helper for Christmas decorations, creating personalized and creative items to make your season's greetings count (also perfect for paper cutting applications)!
Customized Gift Bags
Through GCC Cutting Plotters, users are able to create templates for package bags, making a wide variety of personalized items and other creations in a small quantity and save a great amount of stencil cost.
Colored Gift Boxes
GCC Cutting plotters are perfect helpers of gift boxes production, creating various lines and sides using the most suitable parameters through the most remarkable cutting speed.
Bridge Cutting Function
This week's GCC LaserPro Application Lab demonstrates the effect of Bridge Cutting with a uncomplicated sample.
Make a Lampshade with Dithering Matrix Function
LaserPro Application Laboratory introduces the use of the built-in Dithering Matrix function in the driver to create a hollowed-out lampshade.
Cardboard Model with laser Engraving & Cutting
The Application Laboratory obtained 1.2mm thick cardboard for the experiment. By utilizing laser cutting and engraving, they created three-dimensional models.
Mother’s Day Gift
With the help of laser engraving, you can make this Mother's Day truly special!