GCC products can be used for a wide range of applications. Combine your unlimited creativity & imagination with our products and make them real. Please select your interested applicable industry and product line and click on the search to find the range.
AFR-24S Back Creasing Showcase
In addition, AFR-24S series combines driver of various color setting parameter that allows user to set multiple parameters with different color lines to provide maximized convenience for operation parameter setting.
Creasing and Cutting for Package Application
GCC RX II-CR is equipped with a tool holder loading the creasing tools and blades. For the applications, the cards and showcases can be simultaneously creased and cut in one time.
EPE Cutting
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab characterizes another packaging project by using EPE (Expanded Polyethylene), a material with exceptional elasticity and impact strength that is widely used in protective packaging.
Packaging cutting
GCC LaserPro Laser Engravers perform efficient cutting and create folding lines with its exclusive bridge cutting function that comes with the driver, you can swiftly create any inner packages to accommodate any need of your customers.
Customized Gift Bags
Through GCC Cutting Plotters, users are able to create templates for package bags, making a wide variety of personalized items and other creations in a small quantity and save a great amount of stencil cost.
Colored Gift Boxes
GCC Cutting plotters are perfect helpers of gift boxes production, creating various lines and sides using the most suitable parameters through the most remarkable cutting speed.
Bridge Cutting Function
This week's GCC LaserPro Application Lab demonstrates the effect of Bridge Cutting with a uncomplicated sample.
Candy Box Laser Cutting
Using laser to render paper packaging prototypes entails the advantages that moulds are no longer required, and any modification can be made at once; furthermore, you can also fabricate folded-line and cut-out effects.
Cutting Foam inserts
LaserPro Engraver series to produce cutting foam inserts