GCC products can be used for a wide range of applications. Combine your unlimited creativity & imagination with our products and make them real. Please select your interested applicable industry and product line and click on the search to find the range.
PA Material product
PA Material product portfolio includes the access card, key fob, magnet hook for training center and NFC related application.
AFR-24S Back Creasing Showcase
In addition, AFR-24S series combines driver of various color setting parameter that allows user to set multiple parameters with different color lines to provide maximized convenience for operation parameter setting.
GCC LaserPro E200 Desktop Laser Engraver Application
E200 desktop laser engraver is GCC LaserPro professional-grade desktop laser engraving machine, containing advanced functions with user-friendly design and excellent artwork presented.
Creasing and Cutting for Package Application
GCC RX II-CR is equipped with a tool holder loading the creasing tools and blades. For the applications, the cards and showcases can be simultaneously creased and cut in one time.
Super Mario Paper Figures
This straightforward solution is perfect for you to cut geometric shapes, texts, images, numbers and other items, making it the best partner for handcrafters, creative arts club users and designers.
Mobile Phone Decoration with 3D PVC Films
GCC Cutting Plotters work perfectly on PVC film cutting. Taking a large share of the mobile phone decoration market, mobile phone case painting and gemstone ornaments are both time consuming handcrafts.
Bridge Cutting Function
This week's GCC LaserPro Application Lab demonstrates the effect of Bridge Cutting with a uncomplicated sample.
Outlet Cover Engraving by Laser Engraver
How to use GCC laser engravers to engrave unique patterns on a plain outlet plate and how it works to turn an ordinary outlet plate into a delicate finishing touch to your home decoration.
Door Handle Engraving
How to use our laser engraver to engrave special patterns on a commonly seen door handle and how it works to turn an ordinary handle into a personalized decoration.
Braille engraving with 3D Mode
This solution addresses the problem of sharp-edged dots, ensuring the safety and usability of Braille for the blind.
Carousel Model Application
Using laser to make models is quite a general application. Simply laser-cut pieces of thin materials and then assemble them as a 3D model which is good to be either a demo sample or a gift.
Marking the Anodized Aluminum Spring Hooks
From now on you will be able to pack your own personalized spring hooks for the next climbing adventure!
THERMARK Applications
Using the CO2 laser to engrave on metals is practicable, as in our previous Showcase we had already exhibited applications using the CO2 laser to engrave on metals.
Make a Lampshade with Dithering Matrix Function
LaserPro Application Laboratory introduces the use of the built-in Dithering Matrix function in the driver to create a hollowed-out lampshade.
Cardboard Model with laser Engraving & Cutting
The Application Laboratory obtained 1.2mm thick cardboard for the experiment. By utilizing laser cutting and engraving, they created three-dimensional models.
Laser-Cut Wooden Miniatures
Cutting MDF panels generates smooth uniform cut edges due to the material’s structure.
Creating 3D Puzzles Using GCC Products
The UV printer will first print a color pattern and then cut it utilizing both the Bridge Cutting and SmartCENTER functions of the laser engraving machine, which ensures that the cut object remains intact and is easier to organize.
GCC JF-2418UV Application Lab Introduces You to the Ceramic Plate Printing
Inkjet printers require a certain distance between the inkjet print head and the substrate to create desired print quality.
Application of Foil Sleeking by JV-240UV
The sample with the use of Varnish + Primer ink and the processing of hot stamping machine shows the possibility of fulfilling the small-amount and high-diversity demand.
Multi-layer Printing Application
The conventional way of producing replica paintings is a tedious process through the hand of a highly skillful artist to ensure the value of the work.
EZRotary - Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle
The EZRotary attachment has the ability to handle 360 degrees printing on curved surfaces of vacuum insulated bottles, mugs, conical containers and many more.
Membrane Switch Panel Application
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month brings you the application of membrane switch panels.
PVC Card Applications
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month is glad to introduce to you the application of PVC cards.
ADA Signs Application
GCC JF-240UV’s ink layering technology increases the versatility of ADA signs and shows the subtleness of products, presenting the design and style of the perfect combination of Braille signs and colors.
ADA Signs Application
ADA signs built through ink layering technology are signs with “raised” printing effect that have come into common use in signs, elevators and many more, benefiting individuals who are blind and visually impaired, ensuring their safety and security.